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For the best in professional paint removal services, contact Action Clean today.

Paint Removal

Action Clean provides clients all over Dublin with the very best cost-effective paint removal services. Our paint stripping services are available to domestic, commercial, and industrial clients.

Our paint removal experts use various techniques and equipment to remove paint from multiple surfaces.
We can also remove peeling paint or new paint. From removing the wrong shade of paint in your home to removing old, damaged, and peeling paint, we use the best techniques to remove paint whole, protecting the surface area.

For additional information on our cost-effective paint removal services, please contact our team today.

Paint Removal FAQ

I need paint removal services in Dublin; what is your catchment area?

We offer an extensive range of paint stripping services to clients in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

How much does paint removal cost?

This depends on the size of the surface and the surface area type. We can offer complete paint removal free quotes.

What surfaces can paint be stripped from?

Paint can be stripped from a variety of surfaces, including

- Wood
- Concrete
- Door
- Window Shutters
- Pint Furniture
- Metal Fireplaces
- Walls
- Architraves
- Skirting

For the best professional paint removal services in Dublin, contact Action Clean today.

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