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Stone Repointing Dublin


For the best in professional repointing services in Dublin, contact Action Clean today.

Repointing Dublin

Action Clean offers our clients an extensive range of repointing services. We can fully repoint brickwork by combining expertise with the latest tools and techniques.

Our team of tradesmen have helped restore and repoint all types of brickwork. Professional repointing is a highly specialist service that requires years of training and a passion for retaining the façade of a building or brickwork wall.
Repointing, however, is not just an exercise in aesthetics; it's designed to reinforce and maintain the overall integrity of a structure.

By combining our expertise with traditional materials and traditional building techniques, we can fully repoint everything from chimneys to outside walls to structural walls.

Complete Facade Restoration

Your building's facade is its first impression, and we are dedicated to preserving its beauty and structural integrity. Our skilled team is equipped to handle complete facade restoration projects, providing a comprehensive solution to revitalize the exterior of your property. From detailed inspections to customized restoration plans, we ensure that your building's facade regains its original charm while meeting modern standards.

Brick & Stone Repointing and Replacing

Over time, weather and other environmental factors can cause mortar joints to deteriorate. Our expert masons specialize in brick and stone repointing, meticulously restoring the strength and appearance of your walls. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to match the existing mortar, achieving seamless and durable results. If the damage is extensive, we are well-equipped to replace damaged bricks and stones to maintain the structural integrity of the building.

Granite Wall Repairs and Repointing

Granite walls exude timeless beauty and elegance, but they too require occasional repairs and maintenance. Our team is skilled in granite wall repairs and repointing, ensuring that your precious granite surfaces remain strong and stunning. From minor cracks to larger structural issues, we address every aspect to preserve the beauty and durability of your granite walls.

Chimney Repairs and Rebuilding

A well-maintained chimney not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also ensures safety and functionality. At Action Clean, we specialize in chimney repairs and rebuilding, resolving issues such as cracks, leaks, and damaged masonry. Our experts assess the condition of your chimney and provide tailored solutions, ensuring it stands tall with renewed strength and stability.

For the very best in professional repointing services in Dublin, contact Action Clean today.

Repointing FAQ

I need repointing near me. What is your catchment area?

We are a Dublin based repointing company, available to clients in Dublin and the surrounding counties. To request a booking, please get in contact with us today.

How much does repointing cost in Dublin?

This depends on how much repair work is required. We can access your property and structure requirements and offer a free transparent quote.

Do you offer repointing on listed buildings in Dublin?

Yes, we offer a full repointing service on listed buildings. To discuss your requirements with our expert team, get in contact with us today.

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